The Pro-Life Web Ring

Our main aim is to provide pregnant girls and women with information that will lead them to seek compassionate, caring help from crisis pregnancy centers. While abortion debating and education is very helpful, our primary purpose is to give pregnant women a better choice for themselves and their unborn babies.

Joining is very simple. Choose the Webring image and one of the following banners, or you may substitute your own... 
Next, save the images to your hard drive by right clicking, choosing "save as: webring.jpg and abortion.jpg" and saving them in your html folder. Paste the following html code into your page in a place where people can see it:

< Center >< table border=10 >< tr >< td >< center >< a href="" >< img src="webring.jpg" >< /a >< BR >ABORTION KILLS. YOU CAN STOP IT. JOIN THE RING.< /center >< /td >< td >< a href="" >< img src="abortion.jpg" border = 0 >< /a >< /center >< /td >< /tr >< /table >

(All HTML tags have had spaces inserted in between the brackets and the commands to make them visible to the browser. You will need to take these spaces out by hand when copying and pasting in order to make it work in your browser.)

Please always use the very top (webring) button along with whatever banner you choose. This way, people can jump back to this page and add the necessary images and hyperlinks to their code. It is important that we have as many join as we can and save as many babies and their mothers from abortion as we can! We cannot save unborn children unless we save and help their mothers in their time of need.

Banners Save banner as "abortion.jpg" in order
for it to work with your HTML code.
(All images have been "squished"
and will look normal when saved to disk.)

E-mail me with any questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest in the Pro-Life Web Ring.